Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rental Housing Affordability, San Francisco

I created this map back in January. Good to see it getting some press! It is based on 2 bedroom apartment listings from the second half of 2012 via

Fair market rent (FMR) is calculated at the 40th percentile of listing prices in each neighborhood, however the neighborhood boundaries used here, which are the semi-official neighborhoods used within the City/County of San Francisco, are too coarse to capture the dynamics of demographic change in the city. Redevelopments are prominent features in this data. The pattern for two bedroom apartments is similar to the pattern for one bedroom apartments as seen here.

The number on each neighborhood is the number of full-time minimum wage jobs required to afford a two bedroom apartment at FMR, assuming rent is 30% of household income. Click on a neighborhood to see the household income required to afford FMR, as well as the gap between this income level and the neighborhood median income.

Neighborhood median incomes were recalculated based on estimates by census tract from the American Community Survey, 2007-2011.

I aggregated the neighborhood-level estimates in R. The map was created in Tilemill and is hosted via Mapbox. This analysis will be incorporated into the Sustainable Communities Index, developed by the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Environmental Health Section, Program on Health Equity and Sustainability.

The map was released this week to promote awareness of housing issues in San Francisco, and was subsequently written up in the San Francisco Bay Guardian and San Francisco Examiner.

You can download this and other data here.
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