Monday, December 10, 2012

Elementary School Access

This map is based on an analysis done by my coworker Meg Wall for the Sustainable Communities Index. At its core it is a point density analysis of the quality and quantity of elementary school slots within one mile of any given point in San Francisco. Rather than using a regular grid, Meg used the San Francisco street grid to calculate the point density around each intersection, then weighted that value by distance, Base Academic Performance Index (API), and enrollment numbers. The results show that residents of Western San Francisco have significantly better access to elementary schools than the residents of Eastern San Francisco.

Zoom in on your neighborhood... or hover over the elementary schools (black dots) to see enrollment numbers, APIs, and whether or not the school has a garden.

For more information on Meg's analysis, check out Indicator PR.8.a Elementary School Access.
To download the schools data and other data sets related to education, check out SFDPH GIS files listed on DataSF.
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